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First hospital to perform contoura vision in india

We pursue the highest standards of contemporary eye care needs; we educate our patients on the importance of maintaining adequate eye health and empower them to preserve healthy vision. We guide our patients on the most reliable and medically accurate information about eye diseases, conditions, injuries and their treatment. We are proud to have Eye Specialists with 25+ Years of Experience who have conducted 10,000+ Successful Surgeries over the span of 3 decades.
With the latest procedures like Contoura Vision , we continuously strive to present to our patients the newest and pain free eye care. Over the years, we have evolved into a model eye care center in the north region with a wide range of advanced medical facilities and a team of highly qualified and experienced medical personnel. Our expertise provides the best diagnostic & treatment services for eye patients regarding diagnosis, treatment and surgery. The institute has all the essential supporting services to ensure efficient functioning which maintains its high quality of patient care in terms of cleanliness, reliability, nursing care and speedy recovery.

Eye Specialists with 28+ Years of Experience
50,000+ Successful Specs Removal Surgeries over the span of 3 decades.
A No Cut Technique is used for a Bladeless Specs Removal Experience.
One of India’s first Eye Care Centers to offer Vision Correction since 1995.
Team of Eminent eye surgeons performing Specs Removal Surgery since 1995.
Highest Number of Specs Removal Patients treated with over 50,000 happy patients to our credit.
North India’s first recipients of World’s Fastest LASIK Laser Excimer 500 Contoura Vision Technology for Vision Correction.
Immediate Outcomes with all International Standards being followed with Contoura Vision Gold, Epi Lasik Contoura, Epi Contoura and Bladeless Contoura Vision.
Special Diagnostic (PENTACAM) technology for customized Specs Removal Surgery.
Complete Contoura OT Suites for Eye Surgery

With evolving times, lasik surgeries in India has seen umpteen advancements & progress. They have proved to enhance the vision of millions by reducing the need for corrective eyewear to see clearly. Contoura Vision Eye Surgery is another leap in Lasik Surgery aiding your eye surgeons in creating a customised lasik procedure to improve the quality of your eyesight.

Contoura Vision is the latest FDA approved lasik procedure which optimally reduces the corneal irregularities of your eyes.

As per the clinical studies, Contoura Vision Eye Surgery has helped 30% of the patients achieve better than 6/6 vision (an ability to see at 6 metres what an average person can see at 6 metres). Thus, helping them see better without glasses than they did with the glasses.

Contoura Vision creates a completely personalized treatment plan which is unique to your eyes by mapping 22,000 unique points on your corneas.

LASIK is limited to vision correction solely. When compared to LASIK and SMILE, Contoura Vision has given unmatched outcomes in the field of eye correction treatments.

Treatments of vision correction like LASIK and SMILE might not be recommended by your Eye Surgeon as they often have side effects for example :

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulties when driving in the dark
  • Reading troubles
  • Glares and starburst

All these side effects are significantly reduced with Contoura Vision Surgery.

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The key striking feature of Contoura Vision is the fact that it adds a technological edge to the treatment over the regular lasik surgery. While the previous laser vision correction techniques have successfully offered patients incredible precision & accuracy while reshaping the cornea and addressing visual refractive errors, Contoura Vision takes the treatment further.

Instead of just treating the eyeglass prescription, it utilises unparalleled diagnostic capabilities, i.e. a three step correction technique using a Femto Laser, Excimer Laser and a Topolyser , to identify & record the minutest imperfections in the curvature of cornea thereby providing an aspheric correction of spectacle power while also correcting your corneal irregularities and working on visual axis. (Our eye has two kinds of axis, namely, Pupillary Axis which passes though the centre & Visual Axis which passes through the line of sight, they’ve a difference of 5 degrees. While other laser procedures treat on Pupillary Axis, Contoura Vision is directed towards Visual Axis). Post which the measurements are combined with eyeglass prescriptions to give your eyes a better focusing surface, thereby deriving a much superior visual outcome. Not just that, even a lot of the side effects of various other Lasik procedures such as light sen-sitivity, difficulty in night driving, difficulty in reading, glare, starbursts, halos tend to diminish with Contoura Vision.


Contoura Lasik adds a new dimension to vision correction. Contoura Lasik utilises a three step correction technique using a Femto Laser, Eximer Laser and a Topolyser. In this way it is able to give an aspheric correction of spectacle power while also correcting your corneal irregularities and working on visual axis. These give you a perfect optical surface and thereby much superior visual outcomes never seen before in any Lasik or Smile procedures. While Lasik and Smile can only provide a normal 6/6 (20/20) vision, Contoura is able to give better than perfect results of upto 6/5 (20/16) or better.

Just like your fingerprints are unique to you, Contoura Lasik creates a procedure completely unique to your eyes. Contoura Vision maps 22,000 unique points on your cornea to create a treatment profile which is then precisely treated by the laser to deliver unmatched outcomes in specs removal surgery.

Many of the side effects of Lasik and Smile, such as light sensitivity, difficulty in night driving, difficulty in reading, glare, starbursts, halos are much reduced in Contoura Vision

Why Contoura vision is the best treatment for specs removal?

From the time that hand-blown glass spectacles and contact lenses were hand crafted for each patient in the 1800s, to today, the correction of refractive errors customized to the needs of the individual have undergone a revolutionary change. Doctors and scientists have collaborated to provide vision correction dimensions which were hitherto unimaginable.

Contoura Vision – Beyond spectacle free

In the armamentarium of ophthalmic surgical innovations, Contoura Vision is the most sophisticated technology, which is actually a topography-guided LASIK treatment system. The technology which is performed using the WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q or WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser Systems, in conjunction with the WaveLight Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device (manufactured by Alcon, a division of Novartis, USA) uses the specific corneal curvature of the individual patient to provide a customized laser ablation of the cornea. These machines ensure that all the surface imperfections in individual corneas and consequently the optical system of the eye, are recorded and addressed, which results in a sharper and brighter focus.

Translated into patient experience, what this means is that since the cornea is imaged at several points, and each single point is ablated depending on the aberrations present at that point only, the surgery actually provides a vision correction that was not possible until now. This can be done for patients of both nearsightedness, that is, myopia, and astigmatism, with equal

Better vision than that achieved with glasses or contact lenses

Contoura Vision provides better visual results than either glasses or contact lenses for almost 30% patients as evidenced from multicenter clinical trials. In fact, when evaluating “quality of vision”, that is visual acuity combined with visual symptoms, Contoura vision performed better than both glasses and contact lenses.

In US FDA trials, almost one third of the eyes which had undergone the surgery reported a better unaided vision than that achieved with the glasses/ contact lenses preoperatively, at the end of twelve months after surgery.
Also these patients reported a lower incidence of visual disturbances like glare, halos, difficulty in night time driving and reading etcetera

Let’s talk super vision

In fact, Contoura Vision treatment for vision correction has even provided patients vision better than 6/6 (or 20/20, which is the standardized normal vision) in as many as 40% patients. That is, that 40.4% of the patients evaluated who had 6/6 vision with their glasses before surgery, could actually read one extra line on the visual acuity chart while 13.5% gained two lines on the visual acuity chart.

Contoura Vision – Beyond Bladefree LASIK and SMILE

There is no doubt that other vision correction procedures such as the Bladeless Lasik & Smile offer terrific visual results, but the Contoura Vision experience is one that has been unparalleled to date.

As many as 22000 data points on each of the corneas is evaluated, recorded, and treated accordingly in order to offer crystal clear vision, which is far superior to that offered by any other currently available technology. Also, the ablation is centered on the visual axis of the eye with the help of the fastest gaze tracker in the world, making it safer and more precise than currently available technology.
To borrow an analogy from the world of fashion, it’s the difference between a shirt you pick off the shelf, and one that is custom designed to fit your body: the difference between pret a porter, and couture.


Enhanced Quality Of Vision – Contoura Vision has the ability of correcting even the minutest distortion’s in the cornea, leading to enhanced quality of vision , which is the need of the hour for the symptoms in post lasik procedure, which are markedly reduced or absent in contoura.
Enhanced Quantity Of Vision – Contoura Vision empowers you with a possibility of improved reading capacity by one line as compared to corrective eyewear. (As per FDA’s proven clinical trials).
Enhanced Surgery Experience – Contoura Vision meets the highest standards when it comes to safety and providing a painless experience. The surgery takes place with NO BLADE, NO STITCHES, NO INJECTIONS, NO BANDAGE AND NO HOSPITALISATION.
You can walk in to the centre without any worry & step out with an absolutely perfect & sharper vision. The treatment experience is made efficient & effective to ensure better vision..
Enhanced Post Surgery Experience – Most patients may feel discomfort or issues after undergoing a traditional lasik surgery, however with Contoura Vision you are entitled to a better post-surgery experience.
Enhanced Trust – As per FDA’s proven results of a survey, 98% of patients who underwent Contoura Vision Eye Surgery were extremely satisfied & happy with the procedure and expressed willingness to choose the procedure again.

Contoura vision lasik is far better than silk and smile lasik surgery

In the dynamic landscape of vision correction surgeries, two cutting-edge procedures have emerged as frontrunners: SILK Eye Surgery and Contoura Vision for those seeking enhanced visual acuity.

As you pursue enhanced vision, a crucial decision awaits: which procedure is right for you? This guide compares SILK Eye Surgery and Contoura Vision, empowering readers to make an informed choice aligned with their unique needs and preferences.


SILK Eye Surgery
SILK Eye Surgery, short for Smooth Incision Lenticule Keratomileusis, is a revolutionary procedure that reshapes the cornea to correct vision. Unlike traditional LASIK, SILK uses the precise ELITA femtosecond laser to create a microscopic lenticule within the cornea. This lenticule is then extracted through a small incision, changing the refractive power of the cornea and resulting in a minimal surgical invasion.

Contoura Vision
Contoura Vision is a topography-guided laser vision correction procedure that uses mapping technology to create a personalized map of the cornea. It addresses subtle irregularities that may affect vision, and the data guides the laser in reshaping the cornea. This surgery involves creating a thin flap on the cornea, lifting it to reshape the underlying surface with a laser, and then putting the flap back in place for vision correction.

Procedure Comparison

SILK Eye Surgery uses the next-generation ELITA femtosecond laser, which delivers ultrashort pulses of light, an ultra-fast laser repetition rate, and a small spot size. In contrast, Contoura Vision relies on older mapping technology to guide the excimer laser in reshaping the cornea.

Flap Creation
SILK Eye Surgery is a newer, flapless method that uses a laser to create a small lenticule inside the cornea. In comparison, Contoura Vision involves creating a thin flap on the cornea.

Lenticule Removal
In SILK Eye surgery, a small disc of corneal tissue called a lenticule is removed. In Contoura Vision, the refractive error is corrected by reshaping the cornea directly using the excimer laser without the need for lenticule removal.

Precision and Permanence
SILK Eye Surgery offers precise vision correction using advanced technology and refined techniques. This procedure permanently changes the shape of the cornea, providing long-lasting results for myopia and astigmatism. In contrast, Contoura Vision uses personalized correction based on corneal mapping, achieving high precision. This surgery also leads to lasting results and optimizing visual outcomes, suggesting stability.

Vision Correction Focus
SILK Eye Surgery specializes in myopia and astigmatism, offering a targeted and effective solution. Meanwhile, Contoura Vision addresses a wider range of vision issues, including myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Availability in India and Expertise
While both procedures are becoming more accessible in India, SILK Eye Surgery is currently limited to select high-end eye care institutions due to its innovative nature and the specialized expertise required. In contrast, Contoura Vision has gained popularity and is widely available across the country with a proven track record of success.

Risks and Benefits

SILK Eye Surgery offers precise and potentially permanent results with quick recovery. It minimizes the risks associated with older methods, such as complications related to the corneal flap and dry eyes. The temporary risks, like corneal haze, are rare and manageable. Contoura Vision, on the other hand, provides personalized treatment with versatility but may have temporary side effects like glare, halos, and potentially dry eyes due to its flap nature.

FDA Approval
SILK Eye Surgery is CE-mark certified but has not yet been approved by the US FDA. Contoura Vision, on the other hand, is US-FDA approved.

SILK Eye surgery is pricier due to advanced femtosecond laser tech and precise lenticule removal. Contoura Vision is usually cheaper as it doesn’t require lenticule removal.

The recovery period for SILK Eye Surgery is shorter because of the flapless procedure and minimal disruption to the cornea. Most patients can resume activities within 24 hours. SILK is a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles. In contrast, Contoura Vision may have a slightly longer recovery time as the excimer laser directly reshapes the cornea’s surface.

Long Term Results
SILK Eye Surgery is new and has limited patient records, requiring further evaluation for long-term stability. In contrast, Contoura Vision Surgery consistently delivers excellent vision results of 6/6 or better over the years.

Decision-Making Considerations

SILK Eye Surgery:
Ideal for those with thin corneas or who prefer a flapless procedure for less discomfort and precise and efficient recovery.

Contoura Vision:
Ideal for those seeking personalized treatment for a range of refractive errors, including mild to moderate refractive errors, and good candidates for contact lens wear.

SILK Eye Surgery – Elevating Vision Correction

In the clash between SILK Eye Surgery and Contoura Vision, SILK emerges as the clear victor. Its unparalleled precision, focus on specific conditions, and efficient recovery make it the superior choice for those seeking a transformative and enduring vision correction experience.

However, it is a significant decision that should be made after careful consideration of individual preferences, eye health, lifestyle, and overall health, with the guidance of experienced ophthalmologists. It is recommended to consult with a qualified eye care professional to determine the most suitable option based on individual circumstances.

ICL or Intra Collamer Lens is an alternative to LASIK Surgery. In this surgery a Board Certified Ophthalmologist places an artificial lens between the eye’s natural lens and iris. The lens then helps the eye’s existing lens to refract light on the Retina which then produces a clearer image on the eyes than before.

ICL surgery is a procedure that treats poor eyesight from refractive errors by implanting a Collamer® lens into your eye. This surgery may be possible for people who don’t meet the criteria for LASIK surgery.

A Collamer lens combines plastic and collagen to create a more natural and flexible lens. These lenses are lighter than other types of lenses and hydrophilic (they can mix with water and become wet). A Collamer lens is better than some other types of lenses at letting gas and nutrients pass through.

Your surgeon will place the implanted lens behind your iris and in front of your natural lens.

Earlier versions of the implantable lens called for a surgeon to perform a laser iridotomy before the ICL surgery. Your surgeon would make one or two tiny holes in your iris. This would help prevent pressure from building up when they implanted the lens into your eye. The tiny holes allow for proper drainage of aqueous fluid.

Now, there’s the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens, which comes with a tiny hole in the middle of the lens. This hole makes laser iridotomy unnecessary. Fluids can flow naturally through the hole.

What does an Implantable Collamer Lens surgery treat?

You might have an ICL surgery if you have these refractive errors:

Nearsightedness (myopia).
How common is this procedure?

Surgeons have performed an estimated 500,000 ICL procedures throughout the world, using about 1 million lenses.

How should I prepare for an Implantable Collamer Lens surgery?

Before you have this surgery, your eye care specialist will do an eye exam, take a medical history and ask you about any medications you normally take.

To be a candidate, you should:

Have a stable prescription (the same for about a year).
Be between 22 years old and 45 years old.
Have eyes that meet certain criteria in terms of shape, anterior angle and thickness of cells on your cornea. The anterior chamber angle in your eye is located between your cornea and iris. Its size influences how quickly aqueous fluid flows out of your eye.
Your provider will tell you how to prepare for the surgery, like if or when you should stop eating or drinking, or if you should stop taking any type of medication before the procedure.

You’ll need to have an adult friend or family member drive you to and from the surgery.

Before the surgery, your surgeon will dilate and numb your eyes with medicated eye drops. Your provider may also give you a mild sedative to help you stay calm and relaxed

What happens during an Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) surgery?

After dilating and numbing your eyes, your surgeon will make a very small incision at the base of your cornea. They’ll fold and insert the implantable lens into the cut and then adjust it behind your iris and in front of your lens. You probably won’t need stitches because the incision is so small and will heal on its own.

How long does an Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) surgery take?

This surgery typically takes less than 30 minutes for both eyes. (You usually have this surgery done on both eyes at once.)

ICL Surgery is useful to people who want to permanently remove their need for spectacles.

If you are experiencing Myopia (nearsightedness) i.e your corneas/lens of the eyes are unable to refract light rays accurately. It is a common condition of the eye in which objects near to the surface of the eye appear clear, but objects away, look blurry and hazy.

If you are experiencing Hyperopia (farsightedness) i.e the objects nearer to the lens of your eye appear blurry but objects far from the lens of the eye look clearer and legible.

If you are experiencing Astigmatism i.e when your cornea or lens has an abnormal shape due to which you may experience distorted or blurry vision.

A cataract is a cloudy area formed in the lens of the eye that causes loss of vision. There are roughly 1 million cases per year in India, treated by medical professionals, that makes it a rather common problem found in most households. There are several reasons why the problem of Cataract has become so common. Some diseases that we inherit genetically make us susceptible to having cataract problems. Our lifestyles, too, have deteriorated exponentially. Diabetic conditions, smoking, obesity and high blood pressure put us at a high risk of Cataracts on a daily basis.

  • Cloudy or Blurry vision
  • Colors seem faded
  • Bad night vision
  • Halo or a ring around lights
  • Double vision or Diplopia
  • Need to change prescription of glasses or contact lenses
  • Inability to see in poor lighting

Sangam Netralaya leverages Artificial Intelligence to remove Cataracts.
Eye problems can occur at any stage of life. Be it hereditary or acquired. However, Age Related Cataracts are becoming increasingly common and trivial things like driving a vehicle at night, or seeing things clearly can become a herculean task for people with vision problems.
Sangam Netralaya possesses the best equipment that is used to treat vision problems. All patients are offered treatment according to their comfort but the most advanced machinery is used for each patient. With proper guidance and pre-surgery counseling, frightened patients can be freed of their stress and be made confident before their Cataract Surgery.

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Discover SMILE Pro, the world’s first robotic laser vision correction technology. The treatment now takes less than 10 seconds and is more comfortable than ever. Experience modern vision correction at its finest!

Why Chose SMILE PRO?

High Accuracy

The precision of the laser technology used in SMILE Pro is at a microscopic level, reshaping the cornea with unparalleled precision


It takes less than 10 seconds to regain your perfect vision

Rapid Recovery

SMILE Pro patients recover in 3 hours and return to their day-to-day activities in 24 hours

World’s First

SMILE Pro is the world’s first Laser Vision Correction procedure that is Robotic, Flapless, Minimally Invasive, Gentle, and virtually pain-free.

Minimally invasive

SMILE Pro is gentle and minimally invasive, in which a keyhole incision as small as 3 mm is made for lenticule extraction.

Freedom from glasses

No more glasses. No more lenses. One procedure with superior visual outcome.

SMILE Pro works for High Myopic,
High Cylindrical Power and Astigmatism too!


<30 second procedure
Same day recovery
Model: VISUMAX 500

< 9 second procedure
3-hour recovery
Model: VISUMAX 800
World’s first & only Robotic
AI driven technology

Tiny incision instead of flap

20mm Flap

Minimally invasive
How does SMILE Pro work?

Until now, refractive correction has usually involved the surgeon first cutting a flap, which was then folded back to remove corneal tissue point by point. SMILE Pro now enables laser vision correction without a corneal flap and is thus minimally invasive.

Creation of the lenticle and the incision
The first step with the VisuMax 800 is to create a refractive lenticule and a small incision of no more than two to three millimeters in the intact cornea, which can be done almost independently of the surrounding conditions and corneal condition

Removal of the lenticle
In the second step, the lenticle is removed through the created incision. Since no flap is cut, this is only a minimal intervention in the biomechanics of the cornea.

Removal of the lenticle changes the cornea to achieve the desired refractive change.


The corneal opening with the SMILE Pro method is significantly smaller (2 mm) than with LASIK (20 mm). The cornea remains stable and the tear flow remains intact, making it all the more safer.

With the SMILE Pro procedure, the surgeons work with the so-called keyhole technology. The cornea remains stable and the tear flow is hardly disturbed compared to LASIK.

Although flap complications are very rare with a LASIK incision, they are completely eliminated with SMILE Pro treatment due to the keyhole technology.

SILK Specs Removal on the ELITA Machine by Johnson & Johnson: Latest in Vision Correction

SILK Eye Surgery by ELITA
In our swiftly progressing world of eye care, groundbreaking innovations are reshaping the landscape of refractive surgeries. At the vanguard of this transformation is the “SILK Procedure” by Johnson & Johnson, USA. Not only does it promise a superior supervision quality of 6/5 vision, but its unique flapless methodology also sets a new benchmark, introducing a fresh paradigm in vision correction techniques.

Immediate Recovery Coupled with Ultimate Safety

The SILK Procedure is lauded for its notably quick recovery time. Imagine undergoing an eye surgery today and seamlessly transitioning back to your daily life tomorrow! The flapless nature of the SILK Procedure further enhances its safety quotient, positioning it as a leading choice among modern eye surgeries.

The Future in Sight: Bladeless, Painless, and Stitchless

SILK stands as a beacon of modern medical innovation by delivering a bladeless, painless, and stitchless experience. Eliminating the discomfort often linked with injections, the procedure employs eye drops for numbing. Within a concise span of 10 minutes, a lenticule of corneal tissue is crafted using advanced laser technology and subsequently removed through a micro opening.

The Sophistication of the ELITA Laser Machine

Central to the SILK procedure’s success is the sophisticated ELITA Laser Machine. With patients ensconced in comfort, this cutting-edge device ensures unmatched precision and efficiency throughout the procedure.

Addressing the Concern of Dry Eyes

A common post-operative issue in many eye surgeries is the onset of dry eyes. However, with the SILK procedure, this concern sees a significant reduction, further amplifying its esteemed position in the field.

Silk Eye Surgery Cost in India

The cost of SILK eye surgery is Rs 1,25,000 in India, for both the eyes. It can vary depending upon the hospital and the surgeon.

Endorsement from a Record Holder



250 Contoura Vision Lasik Patients in one day (Maximum in the world).
Maximum Contoura Lasik Surgeries done in India.
Maximum ICL Specs Removal Procedures done in India.
Maximum AI Laser Cataract Surgeries done in India.
Fastest to perform Lasik Laser Surgery in India (1 min 21 sec).
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Dr. Ashish Ahuja , director of Eye7 Eye Hospitals and holder of a Guinness World Record for most LASIK surgeries, is among the early champions of this transformative technology. While his accolades with LASIK are noteworthy, his backing of SILK speaks volumes about its potential. He eloquently states, “SILK is PRK for the doctor and LASIK for the patients,” highlighting the procedure’s amalgamation of safety and speedy recovery.

SILK vs. The Rest

While LASIK, SMILE, and Contoura Vision have long been prominent refractive procedures for eliminating the need for glasses, SILK is fast establishing its prowess. Its avant-garde approach, reduced side effects, and prompt recovery timeline are setting it apart in the competitive world of refractive surgeries.



Dr. Rajeev Gupta did his MBBS from Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla in 1990 and MS Ophthalmology from PGIMER, Chandigarh in 1994. Afterwards he worked as senior resident in department of Ophthalmology, PGIMER for three years till 1998 and as consultant at Govt. Medical College and Hospital Chandigarh for four years till 2003 after which he came into private practice .

Presently Dr. Rajeev Gupta is a founder member and vitreo-retina consultant at superspeciality eye hospital – Sangam Netralaya Mohali. Dr. Rajeev Gupta has a brilliant academic record. He had topped Himachal State in the medical entrance examination and won scholarships during his medical schooling days. He has a vast experience of more than 25000 procedures including retinal angiographies, lasers, OCT scans and intraocular injections related to retinal diseases and is among the very few with extensive experience in performing retinal detachment surgeries in north India. He has vast experience in the field of diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, uveitis and neuro-ophthalmology. He has to his credit 18 national and international publications in peer reviewed journals. He has also presented more than 200 research papers in various regional and national symposia. He has also published chapters in various postgraduate text books.


Dr Brar after doing graduation from Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Patiala in 1993, completed M.S Ophthalmology from PGIMER, Chandigarh in 1997. He joined as Assistant Professor at PGI in 2000 and remained in service till 2006 after which he came into private practice. He has to his credit more than 40 research publications in international and national peer reviewed journals. He has also contributed 12 chapters in textbooks of repute. He has also presented more than 150 research papers in national and international symposia. He has co-authored a comprehensively illustrated book on ‘Pediatric cataract surgery’ reflecting extensive experience of handling cataracts in children.

Dr Brar is also a high volume phaco surgeon with extensive experience of performing phacoemulsification in difficult situations such as subluxated cataracts, small pupil phaco, brunescent cataracts, eyes with uveitis, phaco in posterior polar cataracts as well as phacoemulsification in previously vitrectomized eyes


Dr Ashish Ahuja after doing graduation from Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Patiala in 1999, completed M.S Ophthalmology from PGIMS, Rohtak (MDU, Rohtak) in 2004. He then went on to do his super specialization in the field of Cornea & Refractive surgery from the prestigious Institute of world fame Sankaranethralaya, Chennai in the year 2007. He thereafter joined as Consultant (Cornea & Refractive surgery) at a reputed private institute in 2007 in Chandigarh and remained in private practice till Feb 2014.

Dr Ashish was awarded silver medal in the field of Ophthalmology at undergraduate level by Punjabi University, Patiala. He has to his credit more than 10 research publications in international and national peer reviewed journals. He has also presented more than 20 research papers in national and international symposia. He has done more than 1000 cornea transplants over the last 7 years with good outcomes.Dr Ahuja has also done various complicated ocular surface procedures including amniotic membrane transplants, stem cell transplants & keratoprothesis surgeries. His main area of interest is in the field of corneal curvatural disorders (keratoconus) & ocular surface disorders including management of all kinds of dry eye disorders.


Dr. Gaurav after doing graduation from Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Patiala in 2002 completed M.S Ophthalmology from PGIMER, Chandigarh in 2006. He joined as senior resident at Advanced eye center, PGIMER, Chandigarh in 2007 and remained in service till March 2011 after which he joined private practice. Dr. Gaurav has to his credit 13 publications in peer reviewed national and international journals . He has presented more than 25 paper at various national and international conferences. He has also contributed to 3 chapters in textbooks of repute.

Dr. Gaurav is an active member of vitreo retina society of India and All india Ophthalmological society.He is experienced in treating diverse medical and surgical vitreo-retinal conditions including complex pars plana vitrectomy surgery and retinal detachment surgery . He is one of the very few ROP specialists with vast experience of performing laser treatment for premature babies with retinopathy of prematurity , which are referred from all over North India.


Dr. Vishal Nigam serves as an Oculoplasty Surgeon at Sangam Netralaya, where he holds the position of a visiting consultant. With a distinguished background in ophthalmology, Dr. Nigam brings a wealth of expertise to Sangam Netralaya, focusing on the specialized field of oculoplasty. His professional journey includes post-graduate training in ophthalmology at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, followed by an extensive fellowship in Orbit, Oculoplasty, and Ocular Oncology at the renowned Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai.

In addition to his formidable training, Dr. Nigam further enriched his knowledge by undertaking an ICO training program in San Diego, California, with a particular emphasis on Ocular Aesthetics in Oculoplasty. He is proficient in a wide spectrum of oculoplastic procedures, encompassing surgeries related to the lids and lacrimal apparatus. This includes interventions for conditions such as Entropion, Ectropion, Ptosis, Lid reconstructions, Dacryocystorhinostomy, and Dacryocystectomy. Dr. Nigam also boasts an impressive skill set as a Cataract surgeon.

With a focus on providing comprehensive eye care and a commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Vishal Nigam is an invaluable asset to the team at Sangam Netralaya, where he continues to make a significant impact in the realm of oculoplasty and ophthalmic surgery.

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Well-trained Optometrist

Mr. Pratyaksh kaistha

Optometrist, M.Optometry, Contoura Counsellor

Ms. Avnish

Optometrist, B. Optometry

Ms. Prema

Optometrist, B. Optometry



- No light sensitivity

- No glare

- No difficulty driving at night

- No difficulty reading

- No starbursts

- No halos

Enjoy Improved Comfort with Contoura Vision at Sangam Netralaya

Contoura Vision, available at Sangam Netralaya, is a cutting-edge technology for vision correction that not only offers exceptional visual outcomes but also reduces common symptoms associated with LASIK and SMILE procedures. No-Blade, No-Pain, No-Stitch, No Bandage, No Injections, No Hospitalisation, Walk in – walk Out Specs, Free Fast Recovery.

  • No-Blade
  • No-Pain
  • No-Stitch
  • No Bandage
  • No Injections
  • No Hospitalisation
  • Walk in – walk Out Specs
  • Fast Recovery

Contoura Vision, available at Sangam Netralaya, offers exceptional advantages for patients seeking vision correction. With high patient satisfaction, exceptional accuracy, minimal side effects, and reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses, Contoura Vision has proven to be a leading technology for vision correction.

Contoura Vision has consistently shown success beyond 20/20 vision in the majority of patients, as validated by US FDA trials. More than 40% of patients achieved the ability to read one additional line on the visual acuity chart compared to those with 20/20 vision. Additionally, 13.5% of patients could read two additional lines, showcasing the superior quality of vision achievable with Contoura Vision.

Patients who underwent Contoura Vision reported fewer visual disturbances such as glare, halos, ghost images, difficulty in night-time driving, and reading, enhancing their overall visual experience. With decreased sensitivity to light and improved night-time vision, patients can enjoy improved visual comfort and convenience in their daily activities.

One of the significant benefits of Contoura Vision is the reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses. By correcting the cornea with exceptional accuracy, Contoura Vision allows patients to enjoy improved visual acuity and reduced reliance on corrective eyewear.

With its high patient satisfaction, exceptional accuracy, minimal side effects, and reduced dependence on glasses or contact lenses, Contoura Vision offered at Sangam Netralaya is an advanced technology for vision correction. Experience the benefits of Contoura Vision and achieve vision beyond 20/20 at Sangam Netralaya, where your visual health and satisfaction are our top priorities.




What Our Patients Say

I have undergone contoura vision Lasik from this hospital and I am really happy and satisfied the way they deall the patient the doctor and staff is really polite and humble and they treat each patient so calmly and patiently I am impressed best eye hospital of Punjab
Jogan Kumar
Really best eye hospital of Punjab for the contoura vision treatment and j am really happy and satisfied after the treatment I just came here foe ghe day out here and the wag Dr pratyaksh deal with me and counseled me regarding the surgery was really great and a very very special thank to Dr ashish Abuja for the surgery and I am really satisfied with the treatment
Ananya Bharti
I have been coming here from last 2 months and was planning to go for the contoura vision Lasik but I was in really big doubt but the way Dr Pratyaksh dealer me and listen to my each queries for 2 month long period with so much patience and humbleness he was there every time to clear my doubts and make me confident to go through this surgery and today I underwent this surgery and now I am really happy with the
Tanveer Kaur