Our Services

Contoura Vision: Precision for Perfect Vision - Experience the world in HD with Contoura Vision at Sangam Netralaya, where advanced technology meets personalized care for clear, crisp vision and enhanced lifestyle.


Regain Clarity - Choose Phaco or Small Incision Cataract Surgery for restored vision with Sangam Netralaya's experienced eye surgeons.

Cornea & Refractive Surgery

See Clearly, Live Confidently - Trust Sangam Netralaya for advanced Cornea & Refractive Surgery to correct vision problems and enhance your quality of life.

Retina Care

Expert Solutions - Sangam Netralaya's Retina specialists provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for retinal conditions for optimal eye health.

Lasers for Glaucoma

Advanced Laser Treatments - Count on Sangam Netralaya for state-of-the-art Laser treatments to effectively manage glaucoma and preserve vision.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Expert Care for Little Eyes - Sangam Netralaya offers specialized eye care for children with compassion, ensuring the best outcomes for young patients.


Prioritize Your Eye Health - Trust Sangam Netralaya for comprehensive and regular eye check-ups to detect and manage eye conditions early, ensuring optimal eye health and vision.